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The platform

GVNG is a revolutionary platform which enables individuals to start, run, and operate a 501(c)(3) non-profit today! 

 We think doing good should be fast, affordable, and easy, and that is why we are democratizing philanthropy, and making it accessible to all people.

Start a non-profit with GVNG and get access to the below features
$39.99 per month and 5% of donations raised through platform

TAX-EXEMPT, 501(c)(3) status

501(c)(3) status, complete with banking services (raise money, disburse grants, and view your bank balance at all times)


Stunning, responsive customizable website with state-of-the-art fundraising tools (e.g. crowd-funding, instant web-based donations, fundraiser ticket sales)



Dashboard with website and fundraising analytics, including charitable grant management, social media tools, mailing lists integration, CRM and others


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BUILT for Mobile

We know you're on-the-go, so we built our platform mobile-first! This means you can start, build, and run your non-profit all from your mobile device. Changing the world is a lofty goal but that doesn't mean it should be difficult.  We think you should be able to do good on-the-go and we hope GVNG provides you with the tools to do so. 

(Not an exhaustive list)

Click on the website to learn more about each nonprofit/foundation

“In anticipation of launching the State of Women Institute, we began the arduous process of setting up a nonprofit several months ago. As the date fast approached and there was no word from the IRS, we opted to utilize GVNG to create a nonprofit in less than 24 hours. We could not have started our great work helping women without GVNG!”
- State of Women Institute
“We honestly couldn’t have got up and running without GVNG. They did everything in helping Today, I’m Brave understand governmental, fiscal and legal implications of running our business, as well as guide us in other critical non-profit best practices. It’s difficult enough to start a new business, but they made it infinitely much easier.”
- Today, I’m Brave
“When we started our company we were committed to giving back to our community, so we tried to start a nonprofit, but the cost and time were so extreme so we were unable to complete the process. GVNG was a life-saver and built an amazing nonprofit for us in one day, with a website and all the financial tools we needed. We can't speak highly enough of GVNG”
- By Definition Foundation
“GVNG is a very effective and streamlined process which enabled me to have Wellnessforchildren.org, a nonprofit, up and running in a single day, allowing me to focus on helping and caring for children instead of spending time completing and filing long and bureaucratic government applications.”
- Wellness for Children