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GVNG’s platform includes all the tools and features GVNG.org needs to start, run, and operate a fully compliant 501(c)(3) nonprofit programs. GVNG’s system provides the legal, financial, and digital infrastructure needed to successfully build a nonprofit program from scratch in minutes.

Raise and give away charitable donations

GVNG offers a comprehensive suite of features that allows your nonprofit program with GVNG.org to raise charitable funds, make grants to other charities, pay vendors and process expense reimbursements directly from the GVNG dashboard.

Whether you are simply interested in fundraising for a cause, or you want to run a charitable program, GVNG amplifies your voice and helps you change the world.

Features Include:

  • Full Compliant Legal Status - You will have 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit status at the federal level and state exemption status in all 50 states because GVNG will take care of all the paperwork and filing.
  • Bank Account – Your funds are secure at Bank of America and readily available for disbursement. Plus you have access to your funds from the GVNG dashboard.
  • Your Own Website: Using GVNG’s website builder, you can create, manage, and publish a beautiful nonprofit website to raise awareness and donations.
  • Disburse Money & Track Funds: Track all of your disbursements, whether they be charitable grants or payments to vendors.


Secure Financial Infrastructure

IRS Tax Reporting

Nonprofit Advisory Services

Nonprofit Website

Fundraising Tools

Donation Receipts

Grantmaking Engine

Program Management Software

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