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You Can Create a Nonprofit for Almost Any Cause


Save the bees
Foster creativity
Encorage literacy
Advocate for equality
Start an after school program
Build community
Cure cancer
Empower women
End hunger
Fight climate change
Protect animals
Rehabilitate veterans

Born to Lend a Helping Hand

GVNG has one mission: We power good. We want to democratize philanthropy by making the process of starting a nonprofit accessible to all people. We know philanthropic giving is not exclusive to wealthy individuals or corporations. We believe anyone with a passion for doing good should be able to start an organization that can make the world a better place.

Built by Nonprofit Experts for the Nonprofit Sector

The GVNG platform was built with critical support and guidance from the top nonprofit experts in industry. We spent countless hours making sure GVNG specifically addresses the needs of the nonprofit and social-good sectors in the right ways. We are nonprofit experts who are working in the nonprofit sector, building a nonprofit platform. We are not just another tech company, we are the world's first PhilTech (philanthropy tech) company, and that is something we are extremely proud of.

Living Our Values

At GVNG, we don't just preach about social good—we live it. GVNG.org is a nonprofit partner that shares our mission to unleash the world's capacity for good. Visit GVNG.org to learn more.

We’ve Got it All...

all the features you need :

Compliant Legal Status

Using the GVNG platform your nonprofit will be fully compliant, which includes automated IRS reporting.

Bank Account

Your funds will be held in a secure GVNG bank account.

Nonprofit Website

Build your own nonprofit website and go live on the web in minutes. You can accept donations and vet volunteers* all from your site!

Fundraising Tools

Use GVNG’s proprietary fundraising tools, which include crowdfunding technology, instant one touch donation technology, as well as throw events and sell tickets.*

Run Your Own Programs

You can pay vendors, contractors, consultant, and employees, as well as purchase goods and services all through GVNG.*

Disburse Money and Track Funds

GVNG allows you to track all of your disbursements, whether they be charitable grants or payments to vendors.*

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